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Silver Spring, Maryland Notary Public

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“Ms. Bass is knowledgeable, efficient, patient and pleasure to work with!”

-Karen King
December 29, 2022


” Prompt on time. Pleasant Experience. She came at a very desperate time and showed great customer service. Thank you so help. 10/10 experience, very flexible. I do recommend!!”

-Elizabeth Ogunbode
December 16, 2022

“Ms. Felecia was prompt to respond, was available within minutes of submitting our inquiry, and was extremely professional and courteous. She read over our documents with us and made sure we understood everything we were signing and that all our I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed. We highly recommend her for your notary needs! A+++++”

December 15, 2022

“Working with Felicia was great! She was very accommodating and punctual. She went above and beyond to make sure that my mother and I knew what we were signing.

If I could give her 10 stars, I would! I will definitely use White Rose Notary Services again.”

-CeeCee Gonzales
November 25, 2022

“My experience with White Rose Notary Services was outstanding…professional, courteous, and informative. I strongly recommend this service to anyone who is in need of notary services.”

-Laverdia Roach
November 9, 2022

“I can’t recommend Felecia’s services enough! I was rather desperate to find a notary for a fast-turnaround exchange of paperwork and went to FedEx hoping to find a notary after business hours on a Friday of a holiday weekend (and would then FedEx the papers from MD to CA). Felecia was just behind me in line, heard my questions, and gently asked if I needed a notary. We went to her car which is outfitted as her mobile office, complete with a printer. She professionally notarized my documents after checking my ID–she even made a copy of my drivers license to enclose in the paperwork. She is extremely professional, up-to-date on laws, kind, and responsive. Thank you, Felecia!”

-Sharon M.
September 5, 2022

“Felecia Bass is consummately professional, prompt and thorough. She is flexible and accommodating in meeting the needs of her customers. Excellent!”

– Liz Klipp le
August 4, 2022

“She did a great job, very nice and friendly. Explained everything to us one by one.”

– Lena Garabet
July 6, 2022

” Her work is great👍”

– Michael Brame
March 18 2022

“Very professional and demonstrates business excellence!”

-Rosslyn Hudson
March 7,2022

“Felecia B. Bass was my closing agent on a refinance. She was very professional, friendly, and efficient. She was arrived early for the scheduled appointment and greeted me warmly. She was prepared for the closing with all of the . that needed to be signed. She explained the process and walked me through each document that I needed to sign. I felt at ease through the whole process because I knew she had everything under control. This was the best closing that I’ve been through. I highly recommend Felecia for all notary needs and closings. I will certainly contact her for future notary services.”

-Candace Stribling
February 8,2022

“Outstanding. Professional. Polite. Quick. Made what is normally tedious a very pleasant experience.”

-Philip R Manley
January 7,2022

“Felicia Bass was meticulous and diligent and respected our requests to maintain a safe albeit cold environment for us to get the work done. 5 stars, would recommend.”

-Taylor English
Jan.6 2022

“Professional, thorough, and efficient. Felecia even went the extra mile and showed up during a snow storm!”

-Michael Gordon
Jan. 3, 2022


“Fully prepared and Friendly. Felicia was very accommodating and understanding.”

-Mark Peterson
Dec. 27,2021

“Felecia was incredibly accommodating and kind! She made our signature process seamless and very quick. We are purchasing a home thousands of miles away and she was able to meet us at our current location in order to provide a space for us to sign all documents! Thankful for your team!!”

-Barbara and Travis Kent
Dec. 27, 2021

“Felicia was assigned as the Notary to help my wife and I during closing. She was prompt, with all of the documents in order and ready to go! She was absolutely wonderful, and made an otherwise arduous task go seamless. If you need a Notary who is about their business, down to earth, and straight forward, I highly recommend Felicia Bass.”

-William Mattocks
Dec. 6,2021

“I’m so glad that I found Felecia to handle this important paperwork. She was timely, thorough, and professional. I will definitely call on her for my future notary needs.”

-Jasmine”Jazzie” O.
December 5,2021

“Thanks great attention to detail and professionalism.”


“Ms. Bass was a delight and helpful person thanks for all your help with refinancing.”

-Harold and Maureen
November 29, 2021

“Ms. Bass was very professional, thorough and most of all, reliable. Her attention to detail was truly noticed.

-Gerald Toure
November 26,2021

“5 Stars”

-Jamie House
November 23,2021

“5 Stars”

-C. Acie
November 23,2021

“5 Stars”

-Marcella Florence
November 19,2021

“5 Stars”

-Janny M
November 11,2021

“5 Stars”

-Janny M
November 11,2021

“5 Stars”

-Reginald Williams
October 13, 2021

“Felecia handled my home loan refinance and everything went great. She was very professional, was easy to work with and made it easy to meet up as well. I would definitely recommend working with White Rose Notary.”

-Jay Sharma
October 11,2021

“5 Stars”

-Ellyn Lee
October 4,2021

“White Rose Notary deserves this five star review. Ms. Bass provided me with exceptional service. Professional and courteous and considerate of my needs. I was attended to like I was VIP client. During this digital age we live in, sometimes the human professional touch is just what we need. I would recommend White Rose to anyone looking for notary services!”

-Rosalind White
September 26,2021

“Felicia worked with me on a home refinance closing and everything went very smooth. We completed everything quickly without error and she was extremely helpful and thorough throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend White Rose Notary to anyone who needs notary services.”

– Jay Sharma
Aug 26,2021

“Awesome service!”

-Jerome A.
July 7, 2021

“Professional, prompt and friendly service! “

– Bill
July 7, 2021

Client Testimonials

” Where do I start… At 1pm on a Saturday I arrived at the hospital expecting to take my FIL(father -in-law) home. Instead we were told devasting news and needed to quickly make financial decisions. Within 2 hours Ms Bass had us taken care of. Like many we had thought we had time to worry with a Will and POAs. We had hours. I began looking for a notary. Ms. Bass answered our call on the first ring. She was so kind, understanding and supportive. She immediately agreed to come to the hospital even though I had no witnesses lined up. She arrived, providing a calming energy to one of the most stressful moments of our lives. We secured total strangers from the hospital lobby as witnesses. Ms Bass entered the hospital room and within moments had my very sick FIL smiling. She didn’t just sign some papers and leave. She changed our experience from hopeless and helpless to hopeful. By 3pm we were able focus on my FIL and know we had secured the means to care for him because of Ms. Bass’s assistance.

I will recommend White Rose Notary and Ms. Bass to everyone. She is beyond professional, she takes the time to make sure the signer knows what they are signing, offers her knowledge and support graciously all while making you feel heard and supported. She is truly serving her clients best interests and doing so with Joy.“

-Donna Reid
November 26, 2023


” I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Felecia for your notary needs!! I needed notary services and had to meet a tight deadline. I searched online and came across White Rose Notary Services. We met at a mutually agreed upon location. Felecia was very professional and personable!! Since this was a real estate transaction, she didn’t just let me sign documents blindly. She took the time to explain everything I had to sign, and gladly answered any questions I had about the process. She scanned and emailed me a digital copy of the signed documents, and even provided me with an express envelope to use for the return. Now THAT is what I call FIRST-CLASS SERVICE!! If you need notary services, Felecia and White Rose Notary Services should definitely be your choice!!“

– S.W.
May 23, 2023

“Another very satisfied customer. I struggled mentally with trying to coordinate 2 witnesses to either my Bank or a UPS store to get some major documents notarized. (BTW, my Capital One location does NOT do wills). I had seen positive responses to the services of White Rose Notary on various platforms. Went to her website, scheduled an appointment, invited every one involved to my house… EASY, PEASY ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this process !!“

-Elizabeth(Betsy) Taylor
November 2,2023

” I used to think notaries merely witnessed and stamped documents, but no more.

With Felecia Bass, I was assisted by an extremely pleasant and highly trained professional using her expertise not merely to process basic steps, but to assess, explain, and respond to my needs for this complex set of documents.

She actually looked at each of the papers (!), found and explained several signature-related inconsistencies, and suggested simple but creative solutions to ensure that I’d have what I needed for the closing.

I cannot praise nor recommend her strongly enough.“

-Larry R.
August 12,2023

” Getting Powers of Attorney signed and notarized can be stressful. And it seems to happen on tight dealines. Felicia Bass was a calming help to me, answering questions beforehand so that the form was correct, and reminding me of documents the witnesses needed to bring along to prove their identities. She came to the assisted living facility on short notice and… on a Saturday!. And calming led us through the documents, ensuring that each page was correct along with legal names and proper signatures. I feel confident in recommending Felicia Bass for notary signings.“

July 8,2023

“Felicia is the best! I was waiting for the notary at the UPS Store, but he left and hasn’t returned. I decided to look for another notary to find most of them were closed. Then I searched near me and a a few showed up in the search. I perused them all and decided to go with her merely because of the name. I am glad I did because she did the job and more. She is prepared, honest, organized, knowledgeable clean and very nice. She’s quoted the prices for the services i requested and she was on her way. When she arrived, we confirmed our identities and got to business. Loyalty doesn’t come from a business rendering services, it comes from the quality of service provided. She is not the only mobile notary out here, but she is one of the best! Take a look at all of the services she provides and consider using her because you won’t be disappointed. Keep up the excellent work, Felicia.
Until the next time.“

–Evella W.
May 28, 2023

"By far the easiest and most enjoyable notarization experience I've had! The online calendar on Felecia Bass's website made it very convenient to sign up for a time, with several slots available, and she arrived well before the time of the appointment. Unexpectedly, it turned out that we needed alternative witnesses for one of the documents that we needed to get notarized, so Felecia graciously waited for me to run next door and ask our neighbors to come over. While waiting, she efficiently completed the necessary paperwork so that everything would be ready to go when our witnesses arrived. Felecia demonstrated the utmost professionalism, explaining the nature of her role and the regulations involved, while also taking some time to chat amiably and answer our questions about mobile and remote notary services. The fees were remarkably affordable (surprisingly so -- with all of the driving that mobile notaries need to do, they should probably be allowed to charge more for the important public service they provide to people who may not be in a position to travel), and it was very easy to pay, with a variety of quick options. All in all, a straightforward and (dare I say) fun experience. Highly recommended!"

-Rebecca Sachs

April 10, 2024


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