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Silver Spring, Maryland Notary Public

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Yes, I service

White Rose Notary Services LLC, is your local mobile notary service. We meet you at a convenient location including the comfort of your home, work, or at a public location. We are capable of printing documents needed for your notarization and  notarizing them in an efficient manner. Felecia B. Bass of White Rose Notary Services has been working as a notary since 2021 and has successfully completed thousands of notarial acts. Notarizations include general/personal documents, loan signings, school documents, contracts, lease agreements, estate planning documents, apostille documents and more! Click below to see the client reviews that received since the business began. Contact us today to set up your same day or future notarizations!


In order to have a document notarized... You must have/know which document you need, complete or have necessary info to complete it, have a current valid US photo ID and have witnesses available ( if needed) before you contact the White Rose Notary for an appointment.

A valid government issued ID is required. This includes a passport, driver's license, consular identification, or government issued nondriver identification card or another form of government issued ID that contains the signature and photograph of the individual which is satisfactory to the notary.

How Do I Get a Document Notarized in Maryland?
What kind of identification is required for successful notarizaton?
Can my document be notarized if I do not have a government issued ID?

A valid government issued ID is required. This includes a passport, driver's license, consular identification, or government issued nondriver identification card or another form of government issued ID that contains the signature and photograph of the individual which is satisfactory to the notary.

What should I do to prepare for the notarization?

1)Contact White Rose Notary Services LLC via phone 301-830-0043 /website or email
2) Provide document details to  the Notary (e.g. the number of signatures that require notarization)
3) Review the document to determine if witness(es) are requred. If witness(es) are required, please contact them so that they are available at the agreed day/time. White Rose Notary Services does NOT provide witness(es) when PERFORMING Notary duties but DOES serve as a witness  when the notarization is performed by a different notarial officer.
4)Discuss/Review Notary fee estimate provided by Notary.
5)Confirm appointment day/time/location with Notary.
4)Print your document (s) or know that your document (s) can be printed from the internet ( print services available at additional cost).
5) Fill in all blanks of the  printed document that are not in the Notary section of the form.
6) Arrive on time/Be available with document and government issued ID or have credible witness (es)  present on/at the  agreed  day/time/location
7) Have payment ready via cash/cash app/Venmo, credit card, apple pay or google pay.

What will my notarization cost?

The fees for non-real estate notarizations as of April 2024 are: $8 per notarized signature + $5 travel + .67/mile for mileage. These fees are regulated by the Maryland Secretary of State and may change from year to year. There may be additional fees incurred depending on other services requested. Please contact and discuss real estate fees with White Rose Notary Services LLC.

I have limited mobility how can I get my document(s) notarized?

White Rose Notary Services will drive directly to your location to perform the notarization for you! There is also the option of performing the notarization remotely using a remote online notarization platform. Inquire if interested.

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