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Silver Spring, Maryland Notary Public

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  • Writer's pictureFelecia B. Bass

"Everything You Need to Know to Become a Maryland Notary Public"

Our world functions daily with the structure of rules,regulations, and laws. It is important for every citizen to abide this structure in order to safeguard and protect the integrity of our society. There are many professions that are gatekeepers to that end. Legislators design/make the laws, regulators oversee the laws, police officers police and protect, the court system ( lawyers/judges etc) litigate,prosecute,defend and sentence wrongdoers as appropriate.

When it comes to documents that must be executed (in support of the aforementioned societal structure) between parties, it is crucial to ensure that the parties executing ( signing) those documents (1)are in fact the person (s) that they state they are, (2) that they are mentally clear and (3) that they are performing the signing of their own free will. This crucial responsiblility is that of a Notary Public ( a commissioned civil officer of the state of MD). The MD Notary Public can be an individual citizen, an attorney, clerk or deputy clerk of Maryland, judge,magistrate appointed by a Maryland court. etc.

Qualifications of a Maryland Notary Public include:

  1. At least 18 years old;

  2. Be of good moral character and integrity

  3. Ba a resident of the state; or have a place of employment or practice in MD

  4. If living in MD, must be appointed by the senator representing the district in which you live; and if living outside of MD, be a resident of a state that allows Maryland residents working in that state to serve as notaries public in that state;and

  5. Effective October 1, 2021, all new notary applicants, must complete a Course of Study and pass an examination;all renewal applicant must complete a Course of Study.

How to apply to Become a Notary Public:

The MD Notary Public application can be found online at

During the application process, an idividual must:

1) met all of the qualifications per COMAR

2) successfully apply, pay the $25 fee and be approved for a MD Notary commission. This process includes basic MD Notary education regarding laws, regulations, and procedures.

3) paid the $10 + $1 registration fee to the Clerk of Court and taken the oath of office with actual receipt of the commission.

Click the link below for an indepth You tube video by the Maryland Secretary of State with specific instructions and discussions on the process:

I encourage anyone interested in the profession, to review this information/ research and introspect. If it is a profession for you... move forward. Those that follow the Maryland statutes/laws/regulations and Notary procedures with good organization and customer service skills can be successful. Please see my Notary Tool Kit page for recommended items to begin and help sustain your business.


Felecia B Bass, Notary Public/TIPIC/RON/CNTDA

April 20, 2024


Maryland Notaries Handbook January 2024.

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Maryland Notary Public

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