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Silver Spring, Maryland Notary Public

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Notary Tool Kit!

(Click on the hyperlink to access items through my Amazon Affiliate Links!*)

thumbprinting ink pad-notary tools

MD does not require thumbprint, but this is useful to capture thumbprint when signature by mark is necessary. It is proof that the signer was present.

customizsble maryland notary stamp-notary tools

I've used this stamp to build custom MD compliant jurat and Acknowledgment stamp with preprinted Notary name, line for Notary Signature and Line to manually add Expiration date as you renew. 

maryland notary embosser-notary tools

MD does not require the embosser. I use it largely at the signer’s request and when notarizing documents leaving the US.

maryland embosser Seal Impression -notary tools

I place this impression over the embossed seal for clear copies.

notary rubber finger tips- notary tools

A must have to efficiently turn document pages during document preparation and execution. 

notary clipboard- notary tools

I keep 2 in my notary bag in event there is limited table space for notarizations.

gluestick-notary tools

I use these to glue voided checks to a page to make scanning easier and avoid them being misplaced before return to my hiring party.

locking bag for notary stamps-notary tools

This secures all of my notary stamps under lock/key inside my notary bag.

writing guides and magnifier-notary tools

This comes in handy for low vision individuals. It can help magnify the signature space for more accurate signature placement.

binder-notary stools

I use this to keep loose certificates (in page protectors) and reusable message flags for prepping documents.

mini stapler-notary tools

Perfect size to secure checks to a brightly colored piece of paper for scanning and safe transport. I also use scotch tape at times.

folding scissors-notary tools

These scissors come in handy at unexpected times during notarizations.

mesh desk drawers-notary tools

I love that contents can be organized and are visible- easier to locate than in a concealed drawer.

integrity journal-notary tools

This has been a mainstay for my business- eventually transitioning to an  electronic journal. Will maintain access to one in the event signers insist on paper for their piece of mind.

magnetic tag holder-notary tools

I prefer name tag attached to my clothes instead of dangling on my neck for safety reasons. I oftem remove lanyards and replace with these.

dry erase board-notary tools

This is a very effective visual aid to communicate loan signing signature and date instructions. Just fill in and place on your signing table. Signers will refer to it instead of asking you to repeat instructions.

receipt book-notary tools

I use these to provide an itemized receipt for EVERY general notary work customer.

notary ID card-notary tools

Customizable- good quality with photo. I remove the lanyard and replace with a magnetic name badge holder for improved safety.

large rubberbands-notary tools

This is an cost effective way to secure executed docs without the pages curling up. The size is the KEY!

legal print paper-notary tools

I purchase this when price beats other options or in a pinch to replenish paper.

letter print paper-notary tools

I purchase when price beats other options or if I’m in a pinch to replenish paper.

message flags-notary tools

These are standard  re-usable document prep tags- love them!

writable page markers-notary tools

Perfect to prep documents that require unique instructions- e.g. choose one, check here, please fill in completely.

spiral notebooks-notary tools

Excellent bound notebooks for quick notes in car, at desk, in office- just remember which one you put the note in.(LOL) In any event,it’s better than writing on a loose piece of paper.

dual tray printer-notary tools

Apparently the next generation dual printer. I own 2 HL-L5200DWT and love them!

mobile scanner-notray tools

This is a great mobile high speed scanner that scans both sides with one pass and creates great clear scans.

scanner bag-notary tools

This companion scanner bag makes my mobile scanner transport easy and professional.

power inverter-notary tools

I purchased tthis to set up my mobile office which was installed by a auto electronics professional.

portable microwave-notary tools

This is a fantastic way to have hot wholesome, inexpensive, nutritious food when driving and on the go all day.

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I purchased this because my vehicle does not have a traditional cigarette lighter for the portable microwave- works well.

bluetooth headphones-notary tools

Inexpensive, works great and stays in my ears- other’s have fallen out without notice!

Notary Bag
laptop bag-notary tools

My first notary bag before I gathered a full array of tools to handle “any” situation.

mobile spinner bag- notary tools

My go to notary bag that carries “everything” including 2 sets of most signers packets. Love that I can roll it easily to decrease strain and or carry it on my forearm to protect smaller joints.

fanny pack-notary tools

This is very helpful to keep phones, mask, etc. handy and on your person at all times. Can be worn as a crossbody or a fanny pack.

black pen notary tools

writes well- 60/pack – good value if custom pens are not affordable.

Writing Tools
blue pen-notary tools

writes well- 60/pack -good value if custom pens are not affordable.

fat black pen-notary tools

These can be effective for some arthritics- bulky for others- good option to have in your bag to try if needed.

fat blue pen-notary tools

These can be effective for some arthritics- bulky for others- good option to have in your bag to try if needed.

pencil pouch--notary tools

I love this case- neatly holds a large assortment of pens, stapler, paper clips, glue stick etc. etc.)

dry erase markers-notary tools

I use multi colors on my dry erase board to help to emphasize correct and incorrect loan signing visual instructions.

One Word- notary tool

First recommended book club book in my favorite Club house groups- Notary Knowledge. A must read!

MD Notary Stamp #whiterosenotaryservices #notary #notarypubic #mobilenotarypublic20904 #remoteonlinenotary #notaryservices #virtualnotarization #virtualnotaryspecialist#feleciabass #whiterosenotaryservices #loansigningagent #realtor #titleagent #escrowagent #investor #adoption #divorce

This is a great size for your company stamp with name, address, email and phone#

customizable round maryland notary stamp-notary tools

Customize your information for standard round stamp.

* When purchases are made through these Amazon Affiliate Links, I will be get a small commission that does not add any additional cost of your purchase.

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