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Silver Spring, Maryland Notary Public

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  • Writer's pictureFelecia B. Bass

The Maryland TIPIC NSA

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There are three states that require a Notary Signing Agent to hold a TIPIC license.  That acronym stands for Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor. Those three (3) states are Maryland, Indiana and Minnesota. I am in the state of Maryland so this article will be specific to that state.

For Notaries that wish to handle loan documents this license allows you to act as an agent on behalf of the title company. As an NSA you participate in real estate transactions by facilitating the closing process.  One of the main reason these states require a TIPIC license is to protect consumers "against the improper conduct and negligence of title insurance producers". (MD House Bill 1470)

This process of becoming a Maryland TIPIC is as follows;

1- Submit an application/obtain approval for a Maryland Notary Commission from the MD Secretary of State  (Https://

2- Once the application has been approved, you  must meet the county clerk of the Circuit Court, pay the commission fee and be sworn in.  At that time, you will receive your official commission certificate.

3- Register, pay for, take and pass a rigorous TIPIC pre licensing course.

4- Register for and pass a proctored TIPIC exam.

5- Apply for and pay a fee for your TIPIC license through the Maryland Insurance Agency.

6- Obtain a separate TIPIC stamp which is to be applied alongside of your Notary stamp to every Maryland deed.

Unlike the Notary stamp, the TICIP stamp must include your name, title , business address and TIPIC license number. And you must renew your TIPIC license every two (2) years. There is a pre-licensing and continuing education course offered by the Maryland Land and Title Association (

  • References: 

  • Maryland Secretary of State - Notary Division

  • National Notary Association

  • Maryland Insurance Association

  • Maryland Land and Title Association

Article by; Felecia B Bass, Notary Public, LSA-TIPIC, CNTDA, RON

White Rose Notary Services LLC

Silver Spring MD

20901, 20902, 20903, 20904, 20905, 20906, 20910, 20912, 20704, 20705, 20740, 20783, 20866, 20724 

*This article was previously published on the Notary Stars website,

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