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Maryland TIPIC Compliance: The Crucial Roles of TIPs and TIPICs

Updated: Apr 1

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Navigating the world of real estate transactions can be complex and daunting, especially when it comes to ensuring the security of property ownership. In Maryland, Title Insurance Producers (TIPs) and Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractors (TIPICs) play vital roles in safeguarding these transactions through the provision of title insurance. This article aims to provide a concise overview of the importance of title insurance and the specific roles played by TIPs and TIPICs in Maryland's real estate landscape.

The Significance of Title Insurance:

Title insurance serves as a crucial safety net for both buyers and lenders in real estate transactions. It protects against potential ownership disputes or defects in the property's title that may arise after the purchase. These issues could include undisclosed property liens, encroachments, or errors in public records. Title insurance provides financial protection and legal defense in the event of such challenges, ensuring that buyers and lenders can proceed with confidence.

Understanding Title Insurance Producers (TIPs):

TIPs are licensed professionals responsible for conducting comprehensive title searches and issuing title insurance policies. Their role begins well before the closing of a real estate transaction. TIPs meticulously examine public records, surveys, and other relevant documents to assess the property's title for any defects or encumbrances. By identifying potential issues early in the process, TIPs help mitigate risks and ensure a smooth transaction for all parties involved.

In addition to conducting title searches, TIPs issue title insurance policies that protect both the buyer and the lender. These policies serve as indemnity agreements, promising to defend the insured parties against any claims or losses arising from defects in the title. By providing this financial protection, TIPs play a critical role in facilitating real estate transactions and safeguarding the interests of buyers and lenders.

The Role of Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractors (TIPICs):

While TIPs handle the bulk of the title-related tasks, TIPICs serve essential roles in the final stages of a real estate transaction. TIPICs are licensed professionals who act as independent contractors, representing the TIP at the closing table and facilitating the transfer of ownership through notarization of documents.

In Maryland, the presence of a licensed title professional, or TIPIC, is mandated by law at real estate closings of Maryland properties where title insurance is issued. This requirement is designed to protect consumers against potential misconduct or negligence during the closing process. TIPICs work with buyers, sellers, lenders, and other parties involved in the transaction to ensure that all necessary documents are properly executed and notarized.

One of the key responsibilities of TIPICs is to ensure compliance with Maryland law and the requirements of the title insurance policy. This involves verifying the identities of the signers, confirming the authenticity of signatures, and notarizing the documents being executed. By providing expert guidance and notarial services, TIPICs help ensure a smooth and legally compliant closing process for all parties involved.

Legal Framework and Compliance:

The roles of Maryland TIPs and TIPICs in real estate transactions are governed by a framework within the Maryland Insurance Administration designed to protect consumers and ensure the integrity of the process. This framework encompasses various laws, regulations, and licensing requirements that dictate the activities of TIPs and TIPICs.

One such requirement is the issuance of an appointment letter from the Title Insurer of the TIP to the TIPIC involved in the transaction. This letter serves as proof of authorization for the TIPIC to perform notarial services at the closing under the fidelity and surety bond of the TIP and is essential for ensuring compliance with Maryland law.

The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) oversees compliance with legal requirements and regulations governing title insurance producers and independent contractors. The MIA has the authority to investigate complaints and take disciplinary action against TIPs and TIPICs found to be in violation of the law.

In addition to regulatory oversight, TIPs and TIPICs are also subject to professional standards and ethical guidelines established by industry associations and organizations( e.g. MDLTA and MIA). These standards help uphold the integrity of the title insurance profession and ensure that consumers receive high-quality service and protection.


In conclusion, title insurance is a critical component of real estate transactions in Maryland, providing essential protection against potential ownership disputes or defects in the property's title. The roles of TIPs and TIPICs are instrumental in ensuring the efficacy and integrity of title insurance processes, from conducting thorough title searches to facilitating smooth closings through notarial services.

By adhering to legal requirements, professional standards, and ethical guidelines, TIPs and TIPICs help safeguard the interests of buyers, sellers, and lenders alike. Their expertise and diligence contribute to the stability and reliability of Maryland's real estate market, ensuring that transactions proceed smoothly and securely for all parties involved.

Article by; Felecia B Bass, Notary Public, LSA-TIPIC, CNTDA, RON

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-Maryland Insurance Administration Bulletin 10-18 June 4, 2010

-National Notary Association -House Bill 1470

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